Day 1 at University of Western Cape

“Excuse me, are you with the Faculty of Arts?” asked a UWC female student.

“No I’m not. Sorry,” I responded.

“They told me to come and get money on my ID,” asked a UWC male student.

“I forgot where that room is. Sorry. Good luck,” I responded.

How old do I look?

“Excuse me. They locked the doors and we would like to go out for a smoke. Could you use your card to let us out?” said two UWC girls.

“Umm. I can try my card,” I respond. I swipe my ID card at the door and it doesn’t work. “Sorry it doesn’t work. I hope we’re not locked in this building tonight.”

I think UWC should give me faculty status so I could be more effective in helping my fellow peers.

After my first day of classes I returned home with a headache.  It wasn’t a stressful day until I was sitting in my second class called Social Development. I was one of three Americans amongst grad students from numerous African countries.  The topics ranged from policies in Zimbabwe to land distribution in Nigeria.  As I think how over my head the class discussion was all I can do is laugh.  Every Monday at 6:20 I will be on the edge of my seat waiting for the professor to call on the Americans to give their input and I will be sitting next to the trash can ready to puke.  However, the class will be an amazing learning experience since I will hear the perspectives of so many from all over Africa.  I am always asking to be challenged so here it is I guess.  I wouldn’t want to come all this way to hear a bunch of Americans talk about the Bush era vs. the Obama era.  Speaking of which, I am so lucky to be here during the Obama administration.  Life is apparently much easier for Americans oversees these days.

Go Blackhawks!


~ by Austin on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “Day 1 at University of Western Cape”

  1. Thanks for the stories! I hope you continue to find time to write, things will be getting busy! Enjoy the amazing conversation. Miss you!

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